The Grounds of The City – At Your Service Soon

There’s someone we’d like to introduce you to…

She has the style of a 1920s silver-screen siren, the soul of the consummate hostess and the sass of the metropolis she’s at the heart of.

Meet The Grounds of the City, the newest member of our family—and quite the cat’s pyjamas.

This vintage beauty is bringing soul back to Sydney’s CBD, offering a world-class experience grounded by warmth and old-fashioned charm. A haven from the office, a hub for heart-to- hearts and a hotsy-totsy magnet for the style set. We’re taking that coffee-and-cake life back to its roots and forwards into the future.

Offering the best of the past—think roaming coffee, tea and pastry carts behind landmark window displays—alongside the innovations of the present (hello, coffee sommeliers), The Grounds of the City is set to become the bee’s knees of the business district.

So it’s time to stop, slow down that city rush and get social again.


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